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"There's no way I would have found my mom's caregiver without CareSpotter! The process has allowed me to have the freedom, confidence and peace of mind that not only have I found a caregiver for my mom, but found a great companion. When I come to visit, my mom's hair and make are done and she looks fantasitic. They have a great relationshipo and the caregiver has really taken a personal interest in her. I couldn't be happier.

Tony Jenkins,
Florida Blue Orlando Market President
Orlando Florida

"My folks and I met Patric yesterday, he's perfect. He's a very nice caregiver and he's a chef, so he fit perfect with my dad, the foodie. Plus he lives 10 minutes away! I will be letting my coworkers and friends know about the success I had with CareSpotter, thanks so much for your help!"

Deb McLean, MS, RD, LDN
Community Meals Program
Boston, Massachusetts

"Everything has been wonderful, Shelly is a huge relief for us. She sees my father-in-law daily and he has made significant progress as a result of her care. We are so pleased, she's wonderful with my father-in-law and it's obvious she sincerely cares for him. Thank you CareSpotter! I recommend the site to any family seeking helped for their loved ones."

Jeff York,
York Financial Services
Orlando Florida

Frequently Asked Questions

What is CareSpotter?

CareSpotter is a company that helps families recruit and manage professional caregivers directly for private pay care jobs.

Are you an agency?

No, we connect you directly with private caregivers, so you can choose your own caregiver while costing less and allowing the caregiver to earn a living wage.

What are the fees?

CareSpotter adds a 15% fee to the caregiver’s hourly fee to manage the taxes, payroll, insurance and bonding and provide ongoing care support.

Are the caregivers experienced?

All caregivers must be experienced and professional and pass a screening and background check before being eligible for hire. We also interview potential hires with you together.

How do I pay the caregiver?

Caregivers are paid bimonthly through direct deposit payroll, and hours are collected through our clock in app. It’s all very turnkey.

How do I get started?

Fill out the short form above and a professional care advisor will call to answer any questions and get you started!