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Shamera L.

  • Shamera L.

  • Age: 30
  • DadeCity, FL
  • Experience: Exp: 11 years
  • Experience: 11 years Exp: 11 years
  • Speaks: English
  • Availability: Full Time
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Hi, I'm Shamera!

My name Shamera I am 28yoa and I not only love what I do i have a passion for what I do even when underpaid I have been in service since 2008 as a caregiver and I love this field of work because before my very own grandmother passed I was her caregiver. I would like to not only be someone's caregiver but another person. to call FAMILY.

My top 3 skills as a caregiver are:
  • Compassion
  • Dependable
  • Great caregiving technical knowledge
  • Lots of caregiving experience
  • Patience

I became a caregiver because:

Because as a Elementary student I volunteered at Heritage Park in Dade City and loved the people/elderly and BINGO :)

Outside of work, my hobbies and interests include:
I have three beautiful girls and I love spending time with them and my other family members being that I was raised in a fairly large family which has driven me to be family oriented.

My proudest moment as a caregiver has been:
Being told by a Client's family no one could've taken care of their mom like I did after she passed, such a proud moment.


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Quick Facts

Hometown: FL, DadeCity
Pets: No pets please
Allergies: None
Smokes: No